This, we believe, is largely legend, but many expert casino players say that games recently added to online casinos may offer higher payout ratios than those that have been around for some time. The truth is that we at MrCasinova can’t say that we have any real evidence that this is true, although if it is, you also have to wonder whether it’s all new games or simply that the industry trend is for higher volatility games and especially higher RTPs. If this is the case, not only would we obtain more prizes in the first phases of the game’s launch, but this would last over time as it is a consequence of the configuration of the game and not because it offers more prizes simply to promote itself or attract new players, as some people indicate or make people believe. If this is the case, we should look at the RTP and/or volatility parameters of the machine and take this into account when playing them.


Casino Promotions

Games such as blackjack offer us the possibility of having a fairly even chance of winning compared to the casino. Therefore, playing these games, together with strategies such as the blackjack strategy mentioned above, can generate good profits and beat the casino on a consistent basis.


Even with all these strategies and techniques that allow us to get closer to winning at the online casino at some of the most popular casino games, we must keep in mind that the most common thing to do at the casino is to lose money. We should think of the casino as a leisure option where we can deposit money to have fun and pass the time, without the real intention of winning money. If we manage to win money afterwards, great, as well as having fun, we have made a profit, which is never a bad thing. But it cannot be our objective or our obsession to obtain these benefits.


When it comes to slots, we have little room to alter the possibilities that the game itself offers us. However, we can choose where to play and these slots are the most likely to be the ones we are most likely to win. In order to do this, it is mainly a matter of simply choosing the machines that offer the highest RTP (i.e. the ones with the best return to the player, as this makes it much more likely that we will make a profit). Therefore, we must carry out some research work beforehand, in which we will have to focus on finding the machines that best suit our goal of making a profit in casino gambling, as it is complicated and we should not skimp on time for this difficult task.


Advantage Of Casino

Sometimes casinos that offer bonuses and promotions to their players in a generic way also have loyalty programmes or VIP programmes with which you can get various benefits, such as extra bonuses on certain deposits, balance to try newly launched games or any other promotion with which the casino wants to reward its most loyal players. This is why it is important to play often at the same casinos, although for other strategies such as unlocking welcome bonuses at different casinos it is advisable to do the opposite. In the case of casino bonuses we would have to play in the maximum number of casinos to win with the casino bonus strategy. However, in order to properly take advantage of this VIP bonus strategy we must be willing to deposit regularly at the same casinos, as it could give us less profit if we are continuously depositing at different casinos.

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