Escapism: Can An Escape From Reality Be Useful?


Escapism: Can An Escape From Reality Be Useful?

Escapism is an escape from reality with aactivity. Any activity can be a way of escapism: fascination with books, movies, TV shows, video games, going headlong into work, hobbies, meditation, learning, sports, etc.

 Pros and cons 

Escapism is a phenomenon. You might say, a property of personality. It is neither bad nor good in and of itself, despite the negative connotation of the word “escapism.”

Escapism is healthy if:

  • It helps you cope and relax.
  • It does not interfere with a fulfilling life and does not lead to negative consequences



Rest and relaxation.

You can work with escapism! That means making it your self-help tool.

Soil for self-reflection – you can analyze your fantasies or what you escape into and why you choose a particular way. 

Self-development. I don’t just mean when the means of escapism is learning or sports. Games can train your attention, and reading an interesting book can give you cool ideas.

Minuses and dangers

If you fall heavily into escapism, obviously there becomes less “useful” time in reality. Reasonable rest and breaks are productive, but dropping out of the world for a few days is not.  So, if you enjoy Bizzo Casino CA in your free time and do not become obsessed with it, your life is fulfilling and happy, it is about a reasonable hobby. And if you tend to be obsessed with it, it is about a gambling addiction.

Virtual accomplishments instead of real ones. For example, you want a relationship, but instead of working towards it in real life, you become a heartbreaker in the Sims 4 Game.

Procrastination. Escapism itself is not the same thing as procrastination, for we far from always indulge in our escapist pleasures instead of fulfilling our responsibilities. Nevertheless, the two can be closely related.

Unhealthy escapism can develop into addiction.

Self-destruction – the means of escapism can be the same alcohol.

Tips To Snap Back To Reality After Escapes?

Tips To Snap Back To Reality

The main tool for regulating escapism is awareness. I myself am very prone to escapism. But I’ve been in psychotherapy for a long time, I’ve developed self-reflection and self-regulation skills, and I notice when I start getting so caught up in something that it harms my normal activities. I probably don’t have any straightforward know-how, but based on my experience, I can suggest trying the following:

Ask yourself following questions:

  •  How do I feel when I (frame my escapist amusement)?
  •  At what moments in life do I resort to escapism?
  •  What do I avoid?
  •  Why do I choose this way?

Plan your escapism

Put it on your schedule, set a reminder or timer. And if you’ve been doing it longer than planned, try not to beat yourself up about it. Yes, perhaps today you got carried away and instead of cleaning the floor monsters otlupili more than you planned, it happens. The world didn’t collapse because of that, you’ve got it figured out, and you’re bound to do better next time.

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