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Although there are an infinite number of strategies to win, or at least try to win, at roulette, we will take as a reference and mention only the main ones, because they are the best known or the most used today. Some of them are well known all over the world, others perhaps only in some parts of the planet are used and played today. Let’s see what they are and how to apply these strategies in order to have the best chances of being successful with our roulette bets.

Note: keep in mind that not all strategies work on all types of roulette wheels, but that many of the strategies are designed to be used only in one or several different types of casino roulette.


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This strategy is based on always doubling the amount of the initial bet and, above all, of the previous spin. Betting on plays that pay 1:1, it is based on the mathematical probability that we will end up winning a bet, with which you recover the previous losses and win a betting unit (the amount you initially bet on the first play). It is a mathematical (and logical) evidence that you will end up winning, but we have a limitation when it comes to using the martingale to win at online roulette: the maximum bet amount. Keep in mind that every time you lose you will have to double your initial bet. For example, if you start with a $1 bet, when it comes to doubling, you will bet $2 on the second bet. 4 on the third, $8 on the fourth, $16 on the fifth, $32 on the sixth, $64 on the seventh, $128 on the eighth and $256 on the ninth. If, for example, you are on a roulette wheel with a maximum bet of $250, the ninth bet could no longer be placed correctly, as you could only bet $250 and, even if you won, you would not recoup all your previous losses.

In this way, casinos are largely preventing the losses that these systems could cause them. However, it is still possible to find tables where the difference between the minimum and maximum bet is large enough for us to apply the martingale.


A rather more complicated strategy to understand and apply than the martingale, as it is based on equilibria and we need to be continually adding and subtracting. However, once you learn how to use this strategy, it can be one of the best strategies you can use to try to win with online roulette strategies.


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We could say that this is an evolution or improvement on the martingale strategy, as it offers a similar system but with different progressions and bets than the first system to win at roulette. However, we can still get a good return on the Fibonacci sequence once we learn it and use it optimally.

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