Advice for those who are tired of living by someone else’s rules


Advice for those who are tired of living by someone else’s rules

To achieve something in life, it is time for us to stop being “good girls and boys.” Forget other people’s expectations. And learn to listen only to yourself. Here are the tips for those who are tired of always conforming. 

Stop tolerating

How many of us are those who, feeling gratitude for what they have, cling to a disgusting and uninteresting job? Those who maintain relationships that have long outlived their usefulness? The ones who sensibly try to be right and secretly hate their lives?

We try to be lower than grass, quieter than water because we are afraid of being disappointed. We exchange curiosity and desire for the unknown for a stable and predictable future. We are so afraid of failure that we just do nothing.

Enough. Just stop tolerating and consider yourself an ordinary person. Forget rules and regulations. If you want to press the 22Bet NG Login button and play various games – do it. There is no Committee of Truth and Majesty that can point out how we should live. Only you can become one for yourself.

Create the job you want

Create the job you want

The traditional way of looking for a job is outdated. In today’s world, you don’t have to diligently post resumes and knock on closed doors hoping for an offer. Thanks to the Internet, we can assert ourselves and start doing the work that we want – choosing for ourselves who opens the door.

You can start creating something today (no, right now!) and no one will stop you. The world is a huge market where people sell something to each other. Think about what you can offer and who might need it. 

Give up. And start again

Since childhood, we have been told that the winners do not give up, and all the work that has been started must be completed. But it’s not. Winners give up all the time – because they are used to trusting the gut feeling that makes it clear when something goes wrong.

If you took a dish of chicken giblets in a restaurant and realized that you don’t like it, this doesn’t mean at all that something is wrong with you and you should finish it to the end. This means that you need to choose another restaurant.

Try to treat yourself like an explorer: every failed attempt, every abandoned case is a chance to get to know better what you like and what you don’t. When you try, some tiny part of you already knows that you can.

Start at top speed

Start at top speed

Starting small is the worst advice for anyone who wants to succeed. Starting small means immediately putting yourself in the box and, perhaps, never going beyond them. Anyone who is starting something new should ask themselves “How would I behave if I was already the best in the world?”.

Nothing in life is certain or guaranteed. Acting “slowly but surely” you will not protect yourself from mistakes and falls. It is much more effective to take risks right away and abandon the attitude imposed by society to behave modestly. Yes, your weaknesses are likely to come out in the open, but so are your strengths. If you are a beginner, it does not mean that you are unimportant.

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